WMMC Foundation Launches Talk2Me

The Western Missouri Medical Center (WMMC) Foundation is excited to announce that the much-anticipated, communication service, Talk2Me, will launch on Jan. 15, 2019. Talk2Me will allow individuals to communicate anonymously with master’s level trained professionals if they are experiencing a mental health crisis. This project was funded by the WMMC Foundation, Compass Health Network, and many donors.

Additional mental health resources and support in the Johnson County area were identified as a high priority health issue in the 2014-16 Community Health Needs Assessment, conducted by WMMC and Johnson County Community Health Services.

The need to improve mental health resources prompted the WMMC Foundation’s Annual Support committee to unanimously support raising funds for the initial startup of Talk2Me. The WMMC Foundation began raising funds in early 2017 and completed its goal of $20,000 by December 2017.

The Talk2Me program is a communication service that allows people to receive help with a crisis or concern through text or computer – breaking the code of silence in these situations. The program will link people to a mental health professional employed by Behavioral Health Response (BHR).

How it works: A user sends the phrase Talk2Me to 81509 via text message or email. Professionals at BHR will receive the communication and start the conversation. If needed, BHR can connect the user with a local professional from Pathways for additional assistance. Please note: Identifying information may be obtained in an emergency situation to provide immediate help. This service has been geared towards adolescents in the Johnson County area, however, anyone seeking help will be counseled.

For more information about Talk2Me, please visit WMMC.com/Talk2me. For additional information about the WMMC Foundation, please visit WMMC.com/Foundation.

Specials thanks to the WMMC Foundation and the implementation team for your dedication to getting this program launched in Johnson County.